The Paramount


The Paramount. 04/10/16

Today, I ventured to a notorious Hot Spot located in Beacon Hill for Sunday brunch. Upon my arrival at The Paramount, what really stood out to me was that brunch this restaurant was served until 4:30p.m. Now for anyone who lives in the Boston area and enjoys indulging in brunch, knows that most places stop serving brunch around 2 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. (the latest). Obviously this factor sold me seeing that I was crunched for time  heading into the city around 3 p.m. So I figured, why not ? But to be honest, what really inspired me to check the place out was the chatter around the town about how amazing the food was.

Only a block down on Charles Street, I came across this maroon sign with the gold heading and I entered the establishment. Instantly, the ambiance reminded me of this eatery I visited while in New York for spring break called EverGreen. Both places seemed to encompass the atmosphere of an old-fashioned diner.However, instead of sitting at a table and a server coming over to take your order, everyone had to join a line and grab a trey. A very ‘cafeteria-like’ set up… What really struck me about being in this restaurant was that you weren’t able to get/save a table until you ordered your food. It took me a little while to think of the logic behind this organization but, it does in fact make sense. Everything at the Paramount is made to order, and there is usually a hefty line due to the restaurant’s  reputation. Therefore, by the time customers get through the line, there usually is a table available for their party. Moreover, who wouldn’t mind waiting in a line to get good food ?

Since we are on the topic of good food, I decided to treat myself and try two of the items on the menu ,that appeared to be the restaurant’s favorites. The Huevos Rancheros which is a “classic Mexican breakfast”came with black beans, two fried eggs, avocado,tomato salsa, grilled corn tortillas and home fries. This meal was relatively filling and savory due to the different zest each ingredient gave to the whole plate. It was satisfying however, complimenting the meal the Fresh Caramel and Banana French Toast gave it the “oomph” it needed. The serving size of the french toast was ideal. Not too much , not too little. The banana’s were very fresh and the caramel sauce was delectable. Though, I’m not much of a french toast person, I definitely enjoyed The Paramount’s french toast.


The Paramount. 04/10/16

Overall, my experience at the Paramount was great. I definitely suggest going !


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