@Union Allston

Living in Allston, I decided to hit up a renown breakfast/brunch spot right on the corner of Harvard Ave.Usually packed on Sundays for brunch, I went to @Union on the 4th of July just to get some eggs and pancakes.@Union is a very small family owned establishment that prides itself on providing great food and service along with being the ideal “chill spot” for the array of people who live around the area.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, all the servers at the counter greeted us with a smile and a server took us over to the table of our choice. When we got settled she came over to take our drink orders as she insisted that we to tried either the freshly squeezed orange juice or the lemonade. Deciding on the orange juice, I can say it was by far one of the freshest orange juices I’ve had around the area so we were off to a great start. After she dropped off the drinks, she gave us ample time to order along with giving us really good suggestions for our meal because we literally wanted everything on the menu. The server was notably very pleasant and it was obvious that she really loved what she was doing because of how hospitable she was.

I ended up ordering the Homestyle breakfast which was two large eggs scrambled with onion, tomato,peppers, mushrooms (which I added), along with home fries and white toast with butter. By itself, it was very filling meal and I could barely finish it. The eggs were done well along with the buttered toast. However, the home fries weren’t as crispy and as seasoned as I would have wanted. It was great meal regardless. For anyone who knows me and my sweet tooth, of course I decided to get something sweet to top the flavors off. Therefore, I ordered a buttermilk chocolate chip pancake.  The pancake was very soft and tasty and not overly sweet. There was a great consistency of chocolate chips and powdered sugar which made it the perfect dessert to my main course. Throughout the course of the meal, our server checked up on us a few times which was perfect because  we could actually have the time to enjoy our meal. And if she wasn’t there another server would check up on us to ensure we had all that we needed. IMG_3036


The cost of the meal was very reasonable seeing that we got a good amount of food. So for anyone who enjoys brunch, this is an ideal place to visit that is relatively inexpensive for a good sized meal.

From the point of entering then leaving the establishment, I was very impressed with the customer service and will definitely go back.

Cafe Luna

Finally 70 degree weather ! Today, I decided to walk over to Cambridge and try another hole in the wall for Sunday brunch. Cafe Luna located on Mass Ave about a 5 minute walk from Central Station on the red line, is a small hospitable cafe with outside seating. They offer a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. along with their regular and specials menu. Upon entering the busy cafe, a host greeted us giving us an estimated wait time of about 2 hours for inside seating and a wait time of about 15 minutes for outside seating. Although the weather was beautiful, it was way too windy to have brunch outside therefore, we decided to try our luck and wait for something inside.  Within 10 minutes, the host returned stating that our table inside was ready (clearly we struck our luck). Being a host myself, it reiterated why it’s useful for restaurants not quote a wait time because you just never know. Nonetheless, some people aren’t as comfortable with uncertainty as others.

After being sat at the table, the server came over in about 5 minutes to take our drink orders then gave us gave us ample time to decide on what we were getting. Mata and Michaela decided to get the biscuits, the Nutella stuffed french toast with strawberries and the home fries. While, I decided to get the Nutella stuffed waffles with bananas and a side of the jalapeño mac and cheese. Cafe Luna is famous for their corned beef hash, french toast, jalapeño mac and cheese and biscuits hence why we decided to try a variety of the renowned dishes.


The biscuits at Cafe Luna came with a honey butter side which gave that sweetness to the savory biscuits. The biscuits themselves were a bit crumbly but it still retained a lot of the flavor and moisture making it delectable.

After about 5 minutes the main dishes came out therefore we didn’t end up waiting a very long time for food despite how busy the cafe was.

The Nutella Waffles was a very tasty dish for anyone who has a sweet tooth. The center of the  two waffles were filled with Nutella topped with fresh bananas, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The waffle itself was very crispy which was a bit of a downfall for me partly because I enjoy my waffles softer. Nonetheless, it was very filling. In fulfilling my savory craving, the jalapeño mac and cheese was ideal. It was topped with focaccia bread crumbs and a good amount of cheddar cheese. The jalapeño was not too overpowering which made the dish all the better. It by far was my favorite dish next to the biscuits.

Brunch was good today. Happy Sunday!